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Ever wanted to know how you would look with a nose ring, but didn't want to go through with the piercing yet? 

Well we want to offer you all some stress-free choices to adorn your nose with, no pain needed!  

Choose from more than 10 styles, and 5 colors! 

More selections on the way!

Click here for pointers on caring for your jewelry!

Fashionable, stylish, easy to use nose cuffs.
Universal size - can be adjusted a little bit so it will fit any nose - comfortable fit! Just slide on your nostril.
All cuffs are brand new.

Every piece is handmade and unique, so it could be slightly different than the photo.

Nose Cuff Disadvantages
*Not permanent, so they can sometimes fall off. Please be mindful of this when wearing and try to reframe from continuous touching and activities that can cause it to fall of like blow/wiping nose.

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