Jewelry Care

When taking care of your Kalypso's Hazina pieces, be sure to remove ANY copper jewelry before you wash your hands, do any cleaning or go swimming. The moisture will cause the bare copper products to tarnish. Remove the copper pieces before you apply any hand cream, lotions or perfume. The chemicals in these products may damage your handmade pieces.

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Polish your copper jewelry on a regular basis. Use a polishing cloth to gently rub away any residue, and to polish the finish of your jewelry. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. This and sleeping in your jewelry could cause the copper to misshapen.

When storing your jewelry keep in mind that excess heat will cause the copper to change color and develop a patina finish. If possible, wrap the copper pieces on a cloth and place the wrapped jewelry in a resealable plastic bag.

I take pride in continuing to serve my customers the best services that I can, in any event that you break an item you have purchased from Kalypso's Hazina, please contact us via message to discuss repair options. Please note that, you, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs and depending on the item and damages, a small labor and materials fee may apply.